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Begagnad Mitsubishi - Endeavor - 2004 till salu i Washington

Mitsubishi - Endeavor - 2004
Mitsubishi - Endeavor - 2004
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Mitsubishi - Endeavor - 2004

2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor LTD AWD LTD 4D- Parts - Selling $2000 OBO Car is currently not operational. Ideal for someone looking for parts or can repair. The timing belt skipped a few teeth when the power steering belt broke and got jammed on the crankshaft pulley. Mechanic suspects both bent valves and damaged pistons. No compression. Brand new tires and breaks as of last summer. All other details noted in photos If interested, you will need to have car towed from mechanic on S. Glebe Road.

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Mitsubishi - Endeavor - 2004 i Washington

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