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PanDigital Scanner PANSCN05
PanDigital Scanner PANSCN05

PanDigital Scanner PANSCN05

Product Information The PANDIGITAL PANSCN05 is a handheld scanner that facilitates the exchange of your favorite printed photos. This scanner guarantees a clear and clear scan quality. Able to scan photographic negatives, this handheld scanner can scan and save digital copies of your favorite photos on your SD card not included. In addition, the scanner also allows you to transfer images to your computer using the USB cable. Technical details Scan photos from 4x6 to 300 DPI Scan negatives at 1200 DPI USB 2.0 connectivity Scan to color and black and white You do not need a computer Originally included a tray for the negatives, I do not have it What you see is what you buy, nothing more and nothing less

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PanDigital Scanner PANSCN05 i Hyattsville

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