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Vacuum Cleaner Steamer / Dammsugare + Ångmop


Desiderio Plus Vacuum Cleaner Steamer / Dammsugare + Ångmop
3 in 1 Vacuum: Cleaner + Steamer + Detergent Spray
Made in ITALY!

You can use the Vacuum together the steamer function, making it easy to clean daily with or without detergent spray (must be FOAM FREE detergent).

Perfect for cleaning and sanitizing, floors, windows, carpets, couch, curtains, greasy parts, difficult corners...also perfect to kill bedbugs and mites.

The machine is big but it has wheels to move it around easy

Accessories Included:
-Multipurpose/Floor Brush
-Couch/Carpet Cleaning tool
-Detergent sprinkler for carpet Cleaning
-2 extension tubes
-Window wiping brush
-Nozzle for small corners with small brushes
-2 Circular Brush (Hard/Soft)
-Triangular Brush

Instruction Manual in English/Itlian/Spanish/German/

It's less than half of the price of a new one:

Wanna see it working? Check this out!

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