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Begagnad Yakima RocketBox (older) till salu i Frederick

Yakima RocketBox (older)
Yakima RocketBox (older)
US$ 150

Yakima RocketBox (older)

Keep your stuff dry on the trip! Outside - 94" long x 15" tall x 26" wide, Insides are roughly 87" long x 14" tall x 21 1/2" wide Fits round and square crossbars but not 'aero blade' crossbars without using a different set of bolts (I tried on our newer car). 1 3/4" wide u-bolts are included but the plates will accept 3 5/8" wide bolts that you should be able to get easily - plates, as you can see in the pictures are predrilled. This comes with everything needed to mount to crossbars (the bars that go across from side to side) on any car at all (with the bolts for up to 1 3/4" wide crossbars). There are four plates, four U bolts, eight hand spun Yakima knobs to tighten. Has two locks but I do NOT have it and never did have a key. Someone said keys are cheap online, or through Yakima, but I used it as is, and didn't worry. Opens only from passenger side (as designed - see picture). It's clean, unbroken and has a few stickers on it from the last owner. Does not leak. I load it on the car myself, because it's light, but it is bulky and two people would make it easier. I keep it in the rafters of the garage out of the elements, unlike the owner I got it from... he had it outside all year. Light colored, so things won't get baked on your trip in the summer sun. I will also include two older clean exercise mats to keep things quiet up there as an inside pad, if desired.

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Yakima RocketBox (older) i Frederick

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